Do you think this is normal? How can I improve myself on this issue? I hope you will reply, thank you very much in advance.

It is inevitable that there will be issues that we are struggling with not only in the school or professional sense, but also in all areas of life that we easily cope with. These situations are the ones that contribute the most to our personal development.

It is a very important virtue to be able to separate and focus on topics that are not clear enough for you, that do not flow naturally, so to speak. I think this point of view is an important prerequisite for making the right choices. When faced with every problem, people who live by avoiding the problems without looking at the whole picture cannot hold on to any issue. I hope this investigative approach helps you make informed choices at all times.

I think that realizing and loving physics as a part of daily life may be the first step instead of seeing it as a task. You can try to adapt what you see in the lesson to your daily life. Or, on the contrary, you can look at the topics that interest you in your daily life with the laws of physics. It might be interesting to think about how the laws of physics work in a sport you love. Billiards is a good example. You can’t play with your instincts. To be good, one must take into account the laws of physics. Trying to look at the topics that interest you in terms of physics rules will help you both to enjoy the lessons more and to understand the subjects more easily.

I will make the same suggestion on computer programs. Now computers and computer programs are in every aspect of our lives. For example, a computer program runs on the ATM you use to withdraw money, when you insert your bank card, the program reads the information on the card, and verifies your identity when you enter your password. I suggest you pay attention to how the system works step by step in the next ATM transaction.

When you call your mobile operator’s call center, a computer program first responds to you. You communicate with a computer program until you reach a real operator with voice prompts or keystrokes. You can guess that when you reach a real operator, there is a computer screen showing your information in front of the operator. This screen can access the usage, package, invoice and all other information of your account on the central computer. If you tell the operator that you want to change the package you are using, he can change your package preference using the program written by a computer engineer on the computer screen in front of him.

These are just two examples straight from everyday life. However, it would be realistic to think that computers and algorithms of different sizes work in everywhere with technology today. While computers are shrinking in size, their interaction with each other and the area they occupy has now exceeded geographical borders thanks to the internet. I suggest you try to find such examples in your environment.

To be clear, I chose the mechanical engineering department because I had enough points at first and now I am in my last year. Somehow I continued this section; But my interest is actually in the textile sector, there is also a profession called textile engineering, I also researched that there are many lessons in common with mechanical engineering.

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