I am a first year student at Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering. Do you think having a technology faculty is an advantage or a disadvantage for engineering?

The aim of technology faculties is to train qualified engineers who have practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge in line with the needs of the sector. In this direction, almost the same education is applied in technology faculties and engineering faculties. In addition to this, there are workplace training and summer internships to increase the application skills in the technology faculty. In short, technology faculties give more place to practice as well as theoretical knowledge, unlike engineering faculties. In this case, I think students graduating from technology faculties based on applied education are advantageous. Of course, this advantage is directly proportional to how efficiently the student will spend this application process. Thanks to the workplace education provided at the technology faculties, students find the opportunity to work in a workplace. I think this training can be useful in the process of finding a job after graduation.

I am a student of Karadeniz Technical University Civil Engineering (English) like you. I want to start training from the first year in order to develop myself in this field and to find a job more easily in the future; but I don’t know exactly what I can do. The only thing on my mind right now is to do a double major in architecture; but most people tell me to give up on this because it is too difficult or choose a different department. What do you think should I do to improve myself? As a person who has studied at KTÜ, what would you suggest me to do?

As a KTU graduate, I recommend you to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by our university. These opportunities will contribute to professional and personal development. For example, courses related to computer programs, professional competitions organized throughout the country at school, technical trips, social responsibility projects … My advice to you to manage the process during the university period well is to set your goals and make your choices in line with these goals.

In the question, you stated that you want to do a double major in architecture, if the department of architecture is in your field of interest and is in line with your goals, you can study this section even if it is difficult. Outside of your interest, I suggest you don’t force yourself to have a title that you won’t use extra. Instead, you can train yourself in the department you want to specialize in. For example, you can learn computer programs related to your department, improve yourself in terms of foreign language, join clubs at the university and take part in various projects. You can also do extra internships besides the compulsory internships. The experiences you have gained in internships will both help you create a good resume and help you focus on what area you want to focus on.

I am a second year student in Environmental Engineering. I need to complete my lab internship this summer, I wanted to get advice on areas and companies that I can contribute to myself and will enjoy continuing in the future.

I did my lab internship in a waste water treatment facility. This internship, which everyone regarded as blank, was fruitful for me; because 2.

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