But they tell me that there is a constant stop in the construction industry and that I will be unemployed after I finish my school. This causes me to hesitate in my profession. Thank you for helping in advance.

First of all, it is nice that you have already begun to think about which area you want to advance in your profession. This is a useful determination to take the first step, even if your interests change.

I understand that the construction site and field part of the problem seems less of your interest. In this case, some areas you can consider; It may be to specialize in structural design and work in a design office, to progress as an academician in different fields of expertise, or to choose graduate programs where you can focus on more diverse business areas within the sector or in different sectors.

If you are interested in building design lessons from the courses you took, then you can evaluate progress in this area. Structural designers are involved in coordination processes with architects and all other design teams in their working life and are responsible for the structural design of the production to be made on site. Therefore, it is a department where you can use both engineering knowledge and creativity during the design phase. Apart from structural design, you can also choose to work in the design office in different fields such as geotechnics, transportation, hydraulics. But when making your choice, remember that even if designers work in the office, they may need to make frequent site visits. Therefore, it is definitely not an area that is disconnected from the field. (If you choose to specialize in design issues, I suggest you have a semester abroad in terms of both professional satisfaction and more institutionalized certification programs.)

Apart from that, you can evaluate your progress as an academic. If you like to do academic research, learn and teach, you can choose a master’s degree according to your area of ​​interest and progress in academic life without worrying about the field.

Finally, I would like to remind you that business areas today do not have to match the diploma you received at the university. The subject you study and your choice of master’s degree are just the beginning of a very long career and may not constrain you in working life as much as you think. This is especially true if you do your master’s degree in broader fields such as project management, finance or business. With such graduate programs, you can work in different offices in the construction sector (for example, in companies that provide project management services to employers or sell different services to the sector such as software) or you can find the opportunity to focus on many different sectors outside the construction field.

It is a bit difficult to predict this issue due to the pandemic in terms of job opportunities in the sector. However, as each period has its disadvantages, it also makes different opportunities possible. For example, due to the pandemic, interest in digital transformation has increased in the construction sector, as in different sectors. However, as there is a long way to go in this regard, I believe that there will be a lot of new work areas in this area. At the same time no longer reach many resources through remote work opportunities abroad much easier and many companies hiring engineers have also begun to look hotter living in Turkey.

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