I did not care, I moved on, saying this is my choice and my life. Because it was not easy to qualify for this department, I left many people behind, I could improve myself and my country with a section that appeals to the age and technology. Of course, I would not change my path by being fooled by the inner impulse of someone speaking internationally while I was this close to the end, I still do not. I graduated from a great department, now it’s time to always learn more and reveal more. This was my story, the reason I’m telling you is that you are not alone in the directions, words and concerns you hear, this process has been through almost all of us. It is necessary to continue on the road without caring. After all, we live this life for ourselves and not for others, I advise you not to let others shape it.

Nowadays, when you are familiar with the department again, attending classes and graduating as soon as possible should be your first goal, you can determine the area you sympathize with (software, communication, electrical facilities, electronics, robotic systems, etc.) and reinforce yourself by getting external trainings. If you have English, make sure that you improve your second language and document your knowledge. You can learn something by working part-time in companies that you think will contribute something to you, and you can learn something and work with what you have learned at the places you do your internship. Gaziantep, Turkey has the largest and most organized industrial zone in Adana jobs also think that it is very much about it quite advantageous.

Profession does not have a gender, Fatma, but I think it has a soul that adds many things to you. People always say things, sometimes even what they say for good is actually wrong for you. I recommend that you be aware of your academic position and continue on your way with your own truth. If this is the case, your success will be inevitable, I believe with all my heart.

I am a second year student of Fırat University Mechanical Engineering. I want to make diameters but I am quite hesitant about the department (metallurgy and materials engineering, mechatronics engineering and electrical and electronics engineering). When I compare the courses, I have more common courses in metallurgy and mechatronics, but I am not sure which one will contribute more to me when the school is over. What kind of contribution could my making a diameter in one of these areas in my academic and business life?

The departments you have mentioned are branches that can combine very well with mechanical engineering. Whichever one you do, it will of course contribute to you in the future. He is more knowledgeable in another branch besides his own profession. When the school is over, it varies depending on the job or sector you will find, but I think it will find more responses in the metallurgy – materials and electrical – electronics market.

In my opinion, choose whichever one you believe will keep your GPA higher. School success score is also an important criterion for companies in the first job.

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